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"I love doing different art every time I go.  It is the fun that I have which makes it special and the teacher Lizzie is great.  You will never want to stop going!" Jennah, age 11

"It's really exciting and fun". Sephone, age 5  "It's better than playing video games". Sephone, age 8


"I love Lizzie's Craft Club. I've been before and it's the best. We are making things for Easter and they are lovely, I meet a friend who I don't see often and she is so nice, I love chatting to new people and to Lizzie too. I love it and think you would too." Emily, age 11

"There are lots of things to do”. Noah, age 7

"You get to meet lots of new people" Beatrise, age 11 

 "I really liked craft club because we got to do lots of different things.  My favourites were making a scarecrow and sewing"Orla, age 10

“Craft club is such good fun for the children and parents. It is a safe place for my son to express himself creatively and have fun!!! He learnt new skills and I was able to see him develop socially by mixing with the other children. The setting is very relaxing and unthreatening. The children especially enjoy the animals and my son always wanted to go.” Anna, parent


“What a fantastic time the boys had at craft club over the last few weeks. They were so proud of all their artwork, and rightly so, they really made some fantastic things with your help. It's so lovely to see the poster of all their photos showing them in full flow, and what a lovely memory. Really can't say enough how grateful we are for all your effort, time, patience and inspiration. It's so nice for Eddie to be able to participate in craft activities with his twin and to be helped to fulfil his potential in such a warm and encouraging environment. This has helped his ability to participate fully in school art classes and to be so proud of his achievements.”

 Kath, parent

"I have sent both my children to Lizzie's Craft Club for the past 5 years. I love how everything is keep 'top secret' until the most wonderful 'show and tell' at the end of the 5 week sessions. There is such a sense of pride the children show when bringing all their goodies home, and such a lot of time and care put into each activity under Lizzie's gentle instruction. New friends are always made within the group too!!" Sheryl, parent


"Lizzie's Craft Club was a small intimate group with lots of chatting, giggling and making. The children were given lots to do and make and were encouraged to be independent and make their own decisions." Theresa, parent

"The craft club is very well organised with plenty of activities and the children come away with fantastic arts and crafts that they have made. The pride and smile on their faces when they show me their creations and explain how they were made is priceless.   It is quite rare to find an organisation where disabled children and their siblings are both able to attend. It also gives the parent a couple of "me time" hours (which are very rare!) in which to relax, knowing that the children are safe, looked after, and enjoying themselves.”  Mel, parent

"I was overjoyed at finding out about Lizzie’s Craft Club because at last both my children could attend a club together, be supported to achieve, and enjoy themselves and each other!  Luke and Emily joined Lizzie for her Christmas club classes.   At the end of six sessions, they had created an incredible number of beautiful art works and objects using different media and skills.  Both children are very proud of their own and, interestingly, each others creations.  I feel that, because they created their artworks at the same time and shared in the making process, they both related and celebrated in the joy of the finished product.

 As a parent of children with differing needs, Lizzie’s Craft Club uniquely provided a prolonged and focused activity over several weeks, that they were both challenged by and really enjoyed.  I asked them both retrospectively what they thought and remembered of the club.  Emily smiled and said it was ‘very good’.  It was difficult to get Luke to stop talking but in summary, he loved it and ‘would do it again 1000 times over, Spring, Summer whenever...’  High praise indeed Lizzie, as he is very discerning.  You have two very happy ex-pupils here!" Grainne, parent